Texas (January 11, 2012) -- Mojo Hand Fx is proud to release two brand new pedals to their growing line of effects: the Mojo Hand Fx Nebula IV Analog Phaser and the Mojo Hand Fx Recoil Delay.

The Nebula IV Analog Phaser has four stages of swirly, analog goodness designed to instantly transport you back to 1974. In addition to the standard "Rate" control of classic four-stage phasers, they've incorporated a "Depth" control and a "Level" knob. No need to worry about a volume drop or boost. The Nebula IV can be adjusted to taste.

The Mojo Hand Fx Recoil Delay features 550ms of sweet analog voiced digital delay. Along with traditional controls for Mix, Repeat, and Delay Time, the Recoil also features a full range tone knob that easily covers everything from clean and clear to warm and dark.

Both pedals are equipped with hard-wired true bypass switching, die-cast enclosures, professionally powder coated finish and nothing but the finest components and build techniques available.

Both pedals have a retail/street price of $159.95.

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