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Frankfurt, Germany
(April 6, 2011) --PGeditors Shawn Hammond and Charles Saufley are on the ground in Frankfurt checking out all of the cool international gear and important new releases as they happen. You can keep up live during the day on ourFacebookandTwitterpages and check back here for nightly roundups.

Here are the gear releases we've gotten for the first day of Musikmesse:
-Blackstar Adds Reverb to HT-5 Series Amps
-Korg Releases PC-1 Pitch Clip Guitar and Bass Tuner
-Line 6 Introduces POD HD Desktop
-Line 6 Introduces M5 Stompbox Modeler
-Orange Announces the Dark Terror Amp
-TC Electronic Introduces RH750 Bass Head
-Vox Announces USA Custom Shop Guitars
-Vox Announces Valvetronix Pro VTX150 Neodymium Amp
-Yamaha Introduces New Pacifica Guitars

Here are some photos of new and cool gear from the first day of Musikmesse:

Jozsi Lak's ( guitars at Musikmesse 2011 included electrics and this acoustic designed for Gypsy Kings founder Chico Bouchikhi.

Line 6 unveiled the new M5 Stompbox Modeler, which enables you to use any pedal from the M13 one at time.

The new Line 6 Pod HD brings the power of the Pod HD500 pedalboard to the company's famous, studio-friendly bean-shaped unit.

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