PG's Shawn Hammond is On Location at the 2010 New York Amp Show where he visits the Goodsell room. In this segment, we get to check out Goodsell's two newest combos -- the Valpreaux and the Dominatrix 18.

The Valpreaux is a 21-watt combo inspired by certain Valco, Supro, and Gretsch combos of the '60s. It features the relatively obscure 6973 power tube that imparts a different sonic signature from the EL84-based models that comprise the bulk of the Goodsell product line. The Valpreaux has a simplified front-end similar to the Super 17, with the same award-winning tremolo and non-intrusive reverb, as well as an ultra-transparent post-phase inverter master volume.

The Dominatrix 18 is same venerable 5E3 cabinet as the Unibox and 17 MkIII, the cathode-biased Dominatrix takes its inspiration from the Watkins Dominator series made in England in the '60s and '70s. It features two EL84s, three 12AX7s, and an EZ81 rectifier tube. Also, it has a 2-stage preamp and is followed by a phase inverter.