Rockland, MA(September 14, 2009) -- M.V. Pedulla Guitars, Inc. proudly announces a new addition to their line of bass guitars which are proudly handmade in the U.S.A. by Michael Pedulla. The Nuance, aptly named, was designed as a responsive extension for the player's artistic and tonal subtleties and techniques. It has been fully field tested with a number of Pedulla Artists, including Tim Landers, Mark Egan, and David Buda.

Tim Landers used the Nuance live and in the studio and sums up the sound saying, "It exudes a boutique quality but with a much more useful array of tones. A bass that not only sounds fantastic on it's own but remains punchy and distinct even through a dense mix, a winning combination for me!”

The Nuance bass was initially designed by Michael Pedulla as an acoustic instrument: A bolt-on-neck design was selected for it’s warmth; a soft maple back with stunning Maple Burl, Arbutis Burl, and Red Heart Quilted Maple tops that add to the distinctive high end; a hard maple two-piece quartersawn neck for clarity and stability; and a unique grade of ebony for the 22 fret fingerboard, which adds a midrange that contributes to the clarity and glassy high end. A fully adjustable brass bridge and the standard Pedulla tuning gears round out the hardware. The electronics are powered by two custom-voiced Bartolini humbuckers, complimented by an on-board active tone system which includes controls for volume, pickup pan, bass boost and cut, treble boost and cut, and a midrange boost and cut switch, all powered by a single 9 volt battery. Other features include an ebony backplate, easy access battery box, and the truss rod/stiffening bar design that is used in all Pedulla basses. A Pedulla oil/urethane finish tops it off.

Available as 4-string or 5-string (5-string with 17.5mm or 19mm string spacing). Options include choice of Maple Burl, Arbutis Burl, or Red Heart Quilted Maple top and choice of black, chrome, or gold color hardware. Available fretted or fretless. MSRP: $4995

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