Peterson iStroboSoft Adapter Cable (with iStroboSoft)
The Peterson iStroboSoft interface cable is probably the simplest of the six interfaces that PG received. The unit consists of a sturdy, single ¼” input, with a small cable protruding out that plugged into the iPhone’s headphone jack. It’s primarily designed to work with the company’s $9.99 iStroboSoft tuning app, which also works with the iPhone’s internal mic. For those with an iPod Touch, Peterson also offers a small, pill-sized external mic that plugs into the device’s headphone jack. Using a 1997 Fender Jazzmaster, the iStroboSoft software’s tuning accuracy improved greatly with the adapter cable. With a 1978 Gibson Les Paul Custom with hot Tom Anderson pickups, the software program’s level meter clipped a few times, which signaled to me that the interface has a difficult time handling hotter input signals. The tuning accuracy wasn’t affected however, and the iStroboSoft program still showed that it’s one of the best iPhone guitar tuning programs available.

Knowing that customers might attempt to use the Peterson interface for other guitar-related apps from Apple’s App Store, I decided to fire up Sonoma’s FourTrack interface with the unit. The adapter cable doesn’t have a jack for headphones, so it was impossible to monitor the sound coming from my guitar. I could see the level for the track that I enabled for recording, and that was the only indication that my guitar signal was coming through. The iStroboSoft adapter cable is a quick, inexpensive way to directly plug into Apple’s phone, but could definitely benefit by adding a headphone jack that would allow the player to use it with more than just Peterson’s tuning app.

MSRP: $12.99

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