recording tips

A multiband EQ applied to reverb.

Learning the ins and outs of reverb can help you access a more creative approach to your mixes.

Hello, and welcome to another Dojo. This month I want to give you some creative ideas for using the oldest natural effect we have—reverb.

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An analog VU meter.

Here are eight tips that will help you to improve the overall quality of your recordings and get them to a more professional-sounding level.

Hello, and welcome to another Dojo! I want to focus on eight tips to help your recording techniques have more professional-sounding results. Because this subject is so deep, I created a free companion to this article at my website, Tighten up your belts—the dojo is now open.

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In Universal Audio’s LUNA DAW, “trim” is offered as an additional automation option.

In the modern world of immersive audio capabilities, knowing how to automate mix parameters is essential.

Let me focus on the paradigm shift in the mixing world—immersive audio. It’s been coming quietly for a long time, and I believe it might just survive the bleached-bone-littered landscape of previous multi-channel mixing technology incarnations that were left for dead and never destined for success, like Quad and 5.1 surround sound.

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