PG's Chris Burgess is On Location in Nashville, TN, for Summer NAMM '09 where he visits with Everett Wood of RS Custom Guitars LLC. In this video, we get to see a very close copy of a very special guitar - Brian May's Red Special. This guitar was built to nearly every spec of the famous Red Special built by Dr. May and his father many years ago. With a mahogany body with a mahogany (or maple) top, a mahogany neck with ebony (or oak) fretboard, this guitar screams "Queen". The pickups are hand made by Adeson Turner - Tri-sonic versions. They even spec'd the guitar down to the point of having all of the hardware custom made per the original design. Everett and the guys at RS Custom Guitars took designs and schematics from John Page - former Fender Custom Shop builder - who originally took the job of recreating Brian May's epic guitar, but the project lost steam and was dormant until Everett resurrected it with a phone call to John Page.