Ibanez Back Catalog Archive

from Ibanez Russia via some website via TGP

Who is hosting this mysterious English version of Ibanez Russia's catalog library? We don't know, but we'd like to add them to our Christmas card list. The site hosts catalogs from 1971-2005 (though 2001 is missing), and many of those years have multiple versions. A must-bookmark for Ibanez fans.

'70s Rocker Family Photos

From Life Magazine via Noise Addict via Guitar Flame blog

Ever wonder what color Frank Zappa's parents' living room was painted in the seventies? Ok, neither did we. But that didn't make these old photos any less fun to look at. Other musicians featured include David Crosby, Elton John and Eric Clapton (pictured at left with Gramma Clapton).

The Worst (or Best?!?) PJs of All Time

from Jumpin Jammers via Guitar Noize

We're crossing our fingers that our families still have one more gift to buy us this year, because we can't possibly live without these awesome guitar-printed footie pyjamas. They could even double as some rockin' stage gear for any slumber party gigs you have coming up.