Burbank, CA
(January 22, 2011) -- Designed for stage and studio, Rivera’s RockCrusher attenuates the signal coming from an amplifier so that the full tone of the amp can be captured without running speakers at full volume or dialing down the master volume. Rather than using a purely resistive load like many of the other power attenuators, the RockCrusher ensures that the amplifier and speaker “see” each other in a proper relationship of impedance and inductive/capacitive reactance.

The RockCrusher takes the speaker output from any amplifier (up to 120 watts RMS) and allows the guitarist to attenuate to any level, plus change its EQ character for enhanced tonal balance, warmth, and shimmer. Outputs include a balanced XLR line output, a 1/4” unbalanced line output, and two 1/4” speaker outputs. Selector switches are included for attenuation and true bypass, 8- or 16-ohm input impedance, Edge EQ, and Warm EQ. The outputs can be used for recording, feeding PA mixers, or driving slave amps. A solid, 16-gauge welded steel chassis and heavy-duty, rugged industrial-grade components assure reliable, cool-running service. Oversized feet provide for easy stacking on an amp, and the RockCrusher can be outfitted with rack ears or brackets for professional road-case installation.

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