Los Angeles, CA (April 26, 2013) -- SixString, the social network app dedicated to guitar players, is pleased to announce a live Question & Answer session with legendary luthier Grover Jackson on Tuesday, April 30th from 6 - 8 PM Pacific Time. Mr. Jackson is a pioneer in the guitar industry establishing what many consider to be the first custom shop for guitars back in the 1970’s. Mr. Jackson continues his excellence in the guitar industry with GJ2 Guitars.

Mr. Jackson’s instruments, with their flat-radius, unfinished or oiled necks and large fret wire became synonymous with the rising trend of shredding in the 70’s. One particular guitar design came to Mr. Jackson in 1980 originally called The Concorde. Working with Randy Rhoads, this unique model was the result of an outline first drawn on a napkin, and ended 12-hours later with what has become one of the most unique and identifiable guitar designs – ever! Jackson Guitars was quickly born.

As shredding progressed into the 1980s, Mr. Jackson’s guitars could be seen in the hands of players like Steve Vai, Jake E. Lee, Warren DeMartini and George Lynch. But they weren’t restricted to metal players… Fusion stalwarts Allan Holdsworth, Bill Connors and Steve Khan played these very same instruments. In the late ‘80s Jeff Beck exclaimed, “These guitars made me want to start playing again!”

Mr. Jackson’s appearance on the SixString app offers a unique opportunity for the entire community to ask him questions. Mr Jackson will answer your guitar related questions from his GJ2guitars account on SixString on Tuesday, April 30th from 6pm to 8pm Pacific Time using the hashtag #GJ2QA. The SixString App, the first social networking application for guitar players, is available for free on the iPhone.

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