Oakville, ON(November 17, 2010) -- The NerFuzz is a programmable fuzz effect, capable of producing tones ranging from mild blues overdrive to experimental fuzz chaos, using nine control parameters including an active 3-band EQ, through the noise-gated 100% analog signal path. The differential control enables octaves and swell effects. The adjustable feedback loop will create sonic mayhem. Sounds are stored in 20 memory positions, each with two patches for a total of 40 sounds – selectable with hands free switching.

* Wide range of distortion sounds
* Active three band EQ
* Differential Control
* Noise Gate
* Adjustable internal feedback loop
* 20 Memory locations each with two switchable patches for 40 sounds total
* Hands-free memory switching
* Touch interface
* Solid state control
* Large high impact resistant control plates for bypass and memory controls
* True bypass with LED indicator and automatic bypass on power failure
* Clear and bright display
* High quality components
* Durable construction
* 9V to 24V AC or DC (any polarity) input power

The nine control parameters are Drive, Gain, Diff, Bass, Mid, Treble, Feed, Gate, and Level.

For more information:
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Source: Press Release