Bogner Überschall and Ecstasy Pedals
Reinhold Bogner announced his company’s first foray into stompboxes with three pedals that are designed to provide the core characteristics of his most famous amps. The Überschall serves up mondo heaviness, while the two Ecstasy models serve up hotter (red model) and crunchier/bluesier (blue) tones, respectively. bogneramplification.com

Mad Professor Electric Blue Chorus
Mad Professor founder Harri Koski says he wanted to build a chorus “for people who don’t like chorus.” To that end, the Electric Blue features standard rate and depth controls, as well as a blend knob for changing the wet/dry mix. mpamp.com

Rotosound RFB1 1960s Fuzz Reissue
The venerated bass-string manufacturer debuted its take on the Sola Sound Tone Bender from the late ’60s. It’s similar to the one Jimmy Page played during Led Zeppelin’s legendary 1969 performance on the French TV program Tous En Scene, and it’ll be available in July. rotosound.com

Roger Mayer Metalloid
Stompbox legend Roger Mayer unleashed the new Metalloid and TC series at Musikmesse. The former has separate drive and EQ knobs for high and low frequencies, while the TC series puts all his classic designs—including the revered Octavia—into smaller, more convenient housings. roger-mayer.co.uk