In an ever-changing, continually progressing digital world filled with various forms of multimedia marketing, some seem to believe that the role of print continues to be in question. In a civilization where our kids seem to be filled with a belief that technology replaces sociology; that just about everything you want and need in life is a short mouse click away; that an iPod has replaced a good old-fashioned guitar lesson and the Nintendo Wii has replaced the visceral experience of everything from tennis to bowling, it is certainly understandable that this perception may have some validity.

At last September’s Folio conference (a trade show for publishers) in New York City, this was a pervasive topic of conversation. The conference featured more than 170 speakers, comprised mainly of publishing industry professionals, to discuss amongst several other topics, the modern day role of printed magazines. The overwhelming consensus was that print is as alive as it has ever been – in fact, there are more publications being printed today than in any other time period, servicing a constantly expanding portfolio of niche markets. It was also concluded that the intrinsically satisfying experience of interacting with a print product will perhaps never be replaced. But can we find ways to enhance your reading experience? Absolutely, and here’s how.

The role of print is changing, evolving and maturing. Here at PG, we believe that our print publication is the first stop on an incredible tone journey – a backstage pass to a variety of multimedia services that are designed to assist you in your progression as a player and provide you with an expanding portal of interactive services to help you improve your tone.

At the end of the day, our primary objective is to help you sound better. By taking advantage of digital audio and video, we aim to provide you with the ability to access cutting-edge lessons; audio and video gear reviews so you can see and hear it without leaving home; podcasts that connect you to the opinions of industry experts; daily news feeds on products and the world of guitar; interactive tech advice so you can do it yourself; and Gear Search to help you find the gear you need from dealers across the country. is a community of sharing, including your ideas and opinions with fellow tone chasers. Feel free to search our digital publication to network with our advertisers; link to their websites; access an advertiser’s video through the digital edition; download your favorite articles and send them to friends; access an archive of back issues; and join a community of worldwide readers from over 90 countries.

So is print dying? Hardly, as evidenced by you reading this. Until you are coordinated enough to take your laptop to the bathroom with you, I believe print will be around for a long, long time. Rock On!