Anaheim, CA(Feburary 21 ,2008) - NAMM is all about demo-ing new gear and bringing out some real shredmeisters to show what it is capable of. Case in point: BOSS'' GT-10 and demo pro Rob Marcello. In the two videos below you get the walkthrough and the full-on demo.

The walkthrough features Marcello taking you through some basic features of the GT-10. You see him create sound-on-sound loops with just a few foot taps and split a harmonizing effect into his rig''s right output to achieve a dual-guitar sound. The GT-10 is packed with features but the company is most proud of the pure tones players can dial into with this multi-effects processor. The unit is driven by the latest version of the company''s custom-made DSP and proprietyary sound-modeling COSM engine. It can also accomodate streaming audio and MIDI data in real time via the USB port in the back. Other important specs: 24-bit/44.1kHz signal processing, 400 program memories (200 user, 200 preset), outs are mono/stereo 1/4" and digital, there''s a headphone jack, a send/return loop, an amp control and more.

Part 2: Marcello Shreds

Marcello plays a new song in its entirety, the aptly-named "My New Rock Song," to give you an idea of what the GT-10 is capable of. He runs through a number of different tones throughout the song, switching presets on the fly with his foot.

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