Anaheim, CA(February 11, 2008) -- Jeff Diamant walks us through the features of Diamond Amplification''s new Nitrox amp, a 100 watt, 2.5 channel heavy hitter for ultra high gain players. Built with the same quality specs as any other Diamond amp, the Nitrox comes in at a more affordable price ($1999) but delivers as you would expect any Diamond amp to.

The Nitrox brings more low end to the table but stays tight enough for articulate rhythm playing. The amp''s upper mids are smooth but bright enough to cut through the stage clutter. The second channel features Diamond''s signature dual volume/gain design, giving you the option of having two gain settings you can punch on the fly.

The preamp uses six 12AX7''s and the power stage is driven by four Svetlana EL34''s. Check out the video to hear both channels.

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Diamond Amplification Nitrox