Anaheim, CA(February 4, 2008) - The only thing easier than going wireless is going wireless and doing away with the belt-pack at the same time. Samson showed us their new Airline Synth Wireless system while we were at NAMM ''08. It can dial in a frequency on its own -- you just press a button and hold the transmitter in front of the receiver, it picks the cleanest channel from among 300 on the UHF spectrum (800 MHz). It also remembers the last channel you locked in until you change it again. Up to 11 systems can be used at the same time and the receiver units are rackmountable. This system gives you 350 feet of range. Watch the video to see how small it is -- the transmitter is packaged into a tiny unit that is connected to the 1/4" jack. The guitar system sells for $399. There''s also a handheld mic system for the same price and a lav mic system that goes for $449.