New Orleans GuitarNew Orleans Guitar Company VooDoo Custom
This month’s modern builder vault guitar comes to us from the New Orleans Guitar Company, who stress environmentally responsible harvesting of native tonewoods such as cypress and Swamp ash, in addition to a continuing commitment to conserve Louisiana’s swamps, coastline and other natural resources. This type of responsible guitar building allows them to bring us incredible guitars, like this month’s VooDoo Custom.

This VooDoo Custom features a beautiful one-piece redwood burl top over a Swamp ash body. This combination of woods gives the instrument plenty of warmth in addition to excellent touch sensitivity with the mids having no problems cutting through. The VooDoo Custom’s neck is Swamp ash with a three-ply-bound cocobolo fingerboard sporting distinctive abalone inlays. The use of cocobolo gives a brighter tonal response than rosewood, but yields more warmth than ebony. The dark, amber-tinted finish gives this VooDoo an understated, cohesive appearance that seems to make the beautiful piece of redwood on top even more prominent, with no hint of becoming gaudy. With the VooDoo Custom, the New Orleans Guitar Company is offering up guilt-free bling. What could be better?

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