Smoke Out While Rockin'' Out

from GearFuse

Former High Times publisher Mike Edison demos the ChroniCaster, a guitar with a bong built right in! Bonus #1: the guitar is built by Joe Naylor of Reverend Guitars fame. Bonus #2: the leopard print fez. Bonus #3: realizing that the whole video is a thinly veiled plug for his book.

For the Guitarist Who Has Everything


It''s that guy''s birthday again. You know, that guy who plays his ''59 Les Paul in his chinchilla-fur underwear in his garage surrounded by his Italian sports cars. This year you''re prepared with $4000 picks made from meteorite. Except that you''d have to be that guy to afford them in the first place. Shit. Well, at least you know they exist.

The Tele Relic Experiment

from Electric Guitar Review

The Electric Guitar Review guys bought a Tele off of eBay to tear apart and refinish with a homebrewed relic job. The update posts are funny, and keep you waiting for the next one, though they''re slightly sporadic. We like the warning that reminds us that it is not a DIY guide -- they have no idea if this is going to become a disaster or not. Word.