Deep Purple with Dmitri Medvedev

Deep Purple Rocks Kremlin

from The Times (London)

Deep Purple played for Dmitri Medvedev, the man destined to be Russia''s next president, on Monday night. Who knew so many rockers would make their comebacks through appearances at political functions? (See the riff about Grateful Dead''s reappearance to support Obama).
Henri Salvador with Guitar

Death of Henri Salvador

from The Times (London)

Yesterday marked the death of Henri Salvador. Salvador is the man attributed with bringing rock n'' roll to France, as well as inspiring the bossa nova movement in Brazil. The self-taught guitarist known for his voice and humor was 90 years old.
Ceiling Fan

Doofus Dings

from Guitar Boomer

We enjoy reading guitar blogs. Regardless of whether the person is a better player or writer, it is still interesting to see how average musicians think. Unfortunately, some guitarists do not leave their homes and are forced to write about putting their pieces through ceiling fans to get a well-toured, "aged" look. PG suggestion -- get out of the basement and get your guitar some play.