Electro-Harmonix Hits the Web

from Wired Blog Network

EH has revamped its website and now incorporates YouTube videos and an integrated blog.  This change will make the site significantly easier to navigate. 

Forget Guitar Hero, It Takes a lot to be a Pro

from TimesOnline

With games like Guitar Hero, anybody can pretend to be a rock legend, but there is much more to playing guitar than striking poses.   

Yngwie Malmsteen''s Guitar, Up for Grabs

from Fender

Sign up for a chance to pick up one of the the super-shredder''s authographed signature Strats. Enter to Yng-win.   

Over-the-Top Efforts to Get the Tone

from Guitar Player

Ever felt like you''ve gone to extremes to find your sound?  These six superstars did anything and everything necessary in the studio to capture just the right sound.