From the Newport Guitar Festival

from Echenique blog

We didn''t make it down to Newport, but this blogger did. Check out his great photo gallery of the event.

Also - check out the Fort Worth Star Telegram''s coverage of the Dallas International Guitar Festival. They asked a wide range of attendees about the event and their own experience.

The Oujia Guitar

from Gear Fuse

Channel spirits while playing slide with this new guitar. We can''t imagine a band that couldn''t find a place for it! While you''re at the site, take a second to look around. Though it''s not a guitar-centric site, there are some funny gems -- including these clothes with pillows built in.

Perry''s Video Congrats to Slash

Aero Force One

Apparently Joe Perry is really happy for Slash, as he took his time to record this video congratulations for him. Watch and smile as Perry starts off with, "Hey Slash, how ya doin''?" We''re waiting for the joke, but it appears to be completely legit and heartfelt -- not a bad batch of pedals behind him either!