Gibson Begins Guitar of the Month With SG

from Gibson USA

Yes, the series that brought us the reverse Flying V is back. Gibson launched their guitar of the month series for this year last week with the less-polarizing SG Diablo. The guitars are limited to 1000 pieces, and new ones will be announced the first Friday of each month -- just in time to blow your entire paycheck (or two..) before the weekend.
Amp made from a coconut

Coconut Amp


And we thought Dirk Wacker was crazy for making an amp out of a computer speaker! Straight from Gilligan''s Island comes this gem from Steve Lodefink - a guy who likes to make weird stuff. It doesn''t stop here -- check out the cracker box amp from Make magazine.
Red guitar with iPod touch

iPod Guitar

from Geek Alerts

The point of this 3/4 scale guitar is to play along with your iPod. For $199, this obviously isn''t going to double as your go-to studio axe, but hey, maybe this is how you can get a real, or almost real, guitar in your kids'' hands!