David Gilmour Strat On Its Way

from GPGG

Finally, the rumors have been substantiated. David Gilmour''s official website broke the news of his "Black Strat" Custom Shop instrument, with further details coming from Dolphin Music''s Guitar Player Gear Guide blog. We''re in for a regular version and a relic''ed version -- and apparently neither will be so limited that only the President and the Pope can get one. Yippee!

Cream Reuniting Again

from Contact Music

Looks like Eric and the boys are getting back together for a one-night-only performance as a tribute to drummer Ginger Baker. With the monstrous success of reunion tours like the Police, we''re crossing our fingers for more than one night.

And in "Still Not Real Guitar" News...

from The Escapist, Digital Journal

This just in -- Rock Band creators claim that Guitar Hero''s gameplay isn''t as faithful to the music. What''s rock without catty feuds?

More exciting, an air guitar legend (yes, apparently air guitar has legends), had to have a toe amputated after a particularly rowdy performance. Now that''s rock n'' roll! Kind of.

Random Guitar Tidbit: The Guitar Fish

from Wikipedia

For those of you that don''t frequent your local aquarium, you may not be aware that there is such a thing as a Guitar Fish. Well, now you are. But don''t let this children''s story misinform you about the animal''s origins.