Fried Magnetic

Hammett on Fried Audio

from the Riverfront Times

Kirk Hammett addresses a number of issues in a Riverfront Times interview, including the fried audio levels that many Metallica fans have been complaining about in the band''s new album. He blames Rick Rubin. So do we. He produced the poorer-sounding gear demos that we have on YouTube, btw.

Holy Diver Karoke?

Dio Karaoke Assault

from the Smoking Gun

Here''s one for ya--the Smoking Gun reports that some dude was so upset over a poor karaoke performance of "Holy Diver" that he attacked the singer and the singer''s friend. As it turns out, the irate audience member was drunk. And his name was Drinkwine. Ronnie James Dio unavailable for comment.

Nirvana baby swims again

Nirvana Baby Reprise


He might have the most famous weezer in the world. On second thought, no - Ron Jeremy has that one locked up. Anyway, the baby from the second Nirvana album is all grown up and has recreated that famous album cover from more than 17 years ago... this time without showing his weezer.