In Case Your Neighbors Don''t Know You Play Guitar...

from Various Blogs

What better way to declare yourself as a guitar lover than a 12-foot playable acoustic guitar in your front yard? And at $6500, it''s still cheaper than that custom-built guitar you''ve been considering. Looking for more subtlety? Bikers can rejoice in guitar-shaped bike pedals to go with their bike-themed gig bags, and you can celebrate your birthday with a full-scale guitar cake.

S & L Guitars are Movin'' On Up

from the Lake Sun Leader

Custom builders S & L Guitars out of the Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri are looking to expand their business by adding a machine. Here''s the local writeup.

Sound Like Lincoln Brewster


Did you get into Lincoln Brewster after reading our interview in January? We stumbled upon a blog that breaks down the POD X3 patches that he uses.