Malmsteen Shreds

from YouTube

These videos have been around for a while from a couple different YouTube users, but they''re still hilarious. To be fair to Yngwie, we have to show you the original as well. While you''re there, check out the SRV video.

Guitar Rising = REAL Guitar Hero?

from Engadget

This has been lighting up the blogs, so we had to mention it. It was only a matter of time before the line between real guitar and guitar video game was blurred for good. Guitar Rising has done it, enabling gamers to play this new PC game with ANY guitar. Our verdict? The jury is still on this one.

1959 LP Goes to Court

from the Rutland Herald

If only there was a musician Jerry Springer. This case is full of bad checks and shady business, making us feel a little sorry for the poor guitar. If the court needs a foster home for little Lester, we gladly volunteer our services.

Swarovski-studded Guitar Heads to Grammys


Taking bling yet another step further, Beyonce and Tina Turner will perform alongside a gold, crystal-covered guitar named "Midas" at the Grammys. The guitar was made by Precious Rebels Custom Guitars, who specialize in making your tone sparkle visually, rather than audibly, with guitars like Golden Boy (pictured).