Harp Done

from Harp

Offbeat music magazine Harp is folding. Check out one of the mag''s final online stories about a PRS that several guitarists at SXSW played.
Scott Ian

Scott Ian Action Figure & Poker Deal

from Action Figure Insider, Online Casino News

Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian is one busy dude. He just inked deals for an action figure and a bobble-head doll in his likeness and picked up a poker sponsorship. The guy can play some cards -- he recently won VH1''s Rock Stars of Poker charity competition.
Jay Jay French of Twisted Sister

Barack Gets Twisted

from MSNBC

Imagine the Twisted Sister song, "I Wanna Rock" with the lyrics changed to "I Want Barack." Yep. Apparently TS guitarist Jay Jay French is a big-time Democrat - he recut the song with a new vocalist to support Mr. Obama, who has yet to comment. Look for it on YouTube soon.
Jonny Greenwood

Radiohead Guitarist Strung out

from al.com

The Alabama Symphony Orchestra is about to tackle a Jonny Greenwood piece. "Popcorn Superhet Receiver" is a 20 minute orchestral number written by the Radiohead guitarist when he worked for the BBC. Appropriately enough, the full-stringed arrangement was partially inspired by radio static.

Warrior Reunites

from Blabbermouth

The band''s classic lineup with Parramore McCarty and Joe Floyd will be in place as the band works on a new CD.