Tonetech Guitar


from Manchester Evening News

UK''s Bill Quinn and luthier Dan MacPherson are launching Tonetech, the first online destination for those looking to build their own guitar. The website serves as an online shopping center for guitar makers, supplying special timbers and other necessary products.

Click here to visit Tonetech''s website.

Nude Guitarist Grasshopper


A San Francisco man was dismissed of misdemeanor charges for allegedly playing his guitar on top of his van -- while naked. According to the article, 38-year-old Grasshopper Alec Kaplan ran for mayor of San Francisco last year, receiving less than 1 percent of the vote.

Andrew Bird

Andrew Bird

from YouTube

Here''s a guy who can make you rethink your approach to performing. Andrew Bird utilizes live loops and a variety of instruments in unconventional ways to create unique soundscapes. Check out this YouTube clip of Bird performing on Letterman. Also, here''s an interview he did with A.V. Club that allows you to get into his head a bit.