Looking to add some gear to your holiday wish list? Here are 60 of the surest bets we played through this year. Each of these items scored either a 5 or a 4.5 overall, and basically blew our minds. If you need more guidance, check out ourPremier Gear Awards, where we bestowed awards for categories like, Loud as Hell, Artisan, Nice Price and more.

Perfectly Reviewed Gear
Duesenberg Mike Campbell Signature
Brown’s Guitar Factory BGF Guitar
Collings 290
Hahn Model 228
Gretsch G6118T “Double Annie”
DeTemple Spirit Series
McPherson MG3.5
Amps & Cabs
LR Baggs Core 1 Acoustic Amp
Industrial Amps Rock 120
Mills Acoustics Afterburner Cab
Goodsell SuperSeventeen Mark Three
Retro King 18-Watt Combo
Two Rock Classic Type Two
Xits Piper X30
CB Evans Spitfire
Carol Ann OD2r
Soldano 44 BCM
Tone God TubeUlent
Jaguar Twin
Jekeko Fixed Wah
Analog Man DS-1 Midrange Mod
Source Audio Distortion
Xotic Effects BB Plus
Ibanez Tube King TK999HT
TC Electronic Nova Reverb
Source Audio Soundblox
BOSS SL20 Slicer
Wampler Analog Echo
BSM RG (Rory Gallagher) Treble Booster
BSM VX-T Treble Booster
ISP Technologies G-String Decimator
Mad Professor Little Green Wonder
Pickups & Accessories
Jodavi ZZYZX Snapjack
PW Modular Snake System
G7th Nashville Capo
Joe Barden J-Style Bass Pickups
Aphex 230 Master Voice Processer