Mundelein, IL (May 1, 2008) - Anyone who has picked up a Parker electric guitar knows why the instrument has such a loyal following. It is unlike any other guitar on the market. Whether it''s your thing or not, it must be appreciated for what it is -- an innovative, lightweight guitar with a bold design and a unique sound.

We brought our camera to the Parker factory during a recent On Location visit to the Chicago area to see how these futuristic tone monsters are made. We''ve seen many guitar factories but have never seen anything like this. Let''s just say the making of a Parker electric involves a lot of extremes -- cold and hot temperatures are involved, so are machines and human hands. A Parker guitar is made from wood and composite materials, giving it an extremely light weight while making it stronger than you''d believe. Traditional luthier tools are used, as well as a range of equipment you''re just not used to seeing in a guitar shop: vacuum bags, tubes and even a pizza oven!

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