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G7th Performance Capo

The G7th Performance Capo brings a new approach to capo design. Using a patented wrap-spring clutch mechanism, it allows adjustment in small increments, allowing precise control over how tightly the strings are pressed down. It can be easily adjusted with one hand and features a sleek, modern design.

MSRP $49.99
G7th Performance Capo

BGF Tune-o-matic Conversion PostBGF Tune-o-matic Conversion Post

Among the greatest guitar tones ever recorded, all had one thing in common: the ABR-1 Tune-o-matic bridge. The BGF Tune-o-matic Conversion Post allows you to use an ABR or AVR2 TonePros bridge on a guitar that has the spacing and bushings previously installed for a Nashville bridge. There is no need to extract the bushings, avoiding the risk of damaging the top and having a cosmetic visual plug showings.

$16.95 Nickel
$18.95 Gold

Dean 30th Anniversary ML Guitar

Dean is celebrating its 30th year of guitar building by releasing the vaultworthy ML electric. 100 pieces will be produced and hand-signed by the creator, Dean B. Zelinsky. Featuring a rare 5A redwood top and a transparent black finish, the ML also has a solid mahogany body and neck, and is accented by white binding from head to toe. Black filigree engraved satin nickel hardware sets these guitars off as real collector’s pieces. Cooler still, owners will also receive an 8” x 10” granite tablet with laser etching certifying the model.

MSRP $5379
Dean 30th Anniversary ML Guitar

Evidence Audio Siren II Combo Replacement CableEvidence Audio Siren II Combo Replacement Cable

Evidence Audio is now offering replacement cables for combo amps. With either a right angle ¼” phone plug or a straight ¼” phone plug and one foot of cable, the Siren II features IGL copper conductors to provide extended midrange frequencies without glare or etching. Solid core conductors preserve clarity and focus, while open-core design increases space between conductors to reduce magnetic interaction.

MSRP $79

Seymour Duncan SFX-06 Paranormal Bass EQ Direct Box

Seymour Duncan Basslines’ SFX-06 Paranormal Bass EQ Direct Box sports a balanced line out XLR jack with ground lift so you can feed a front-of-house mixing board or a recording console with no loss of signal. There are also three bands of active EQ specifically optimized for bass, with up to 12dB of boost or cut on each band. The SFX-06 also features a proprietary Slap Contour switch, which applies an additional preset EQ curve to whatever settings you’ve chosen with the 3-band EQ, perfect for slap playing.

MSRP $199
Seymour Duncan SFX-06 Paranormal Bass EQ Direct Box

DiPinto Galaxie 4 Los Straitjackets GuitarDiPinto Galaxie 4 Los Straitjackets Guitar

The Galaxie 4 Los Straitjackets guitar is the ultimate combination of modern technology and vintage aesthetics, hailing from a time when headstocks were huge, bodies were wild and designers weren’t stingy with their pickups and knobs. Four single coils are connected to four on/off rocker switches, allowing players to get any combination of pickups imaginable. Featuring a surf-style tremolo coupled with a roller bridge, the Galaxie’s 25 ½” scale gives it a solid feel while a solid mahogany body gives it a warm but snappy tone.

MSRP $789

Raw Vintage Pure Steel Saddles

Many modern replacement saddles use copper under nickel plating and have inconsistent hardness, changing your tone. Designed for vintage players, Raw Vintage pure steel saddles reproduce the exact metal structure of vintage ‘50s steel saddles. These are perfect for the vintage or relic owner, and are available in Fender USA or Gotoh Japan sizes.

MSRP $75 per set
Raw Vintage Pure Steel Saddles

Martin OMCRE AcousticMartin OMCRE Acoustic

Babicz Design Ltd. of New York, specializing in patented guitar technology, has collaborated with C.F. Martin & Co. Inc, to introduce the six-string OMCRE. Designed using the Martin Orchestral Model body shape with a cutaway, the guitar’s concept includes a Martin vintage look, combined with contemporary Babicz “Continually Adjustable Neck” technology. The OMCRE boasts solid East Indian rosewood back and sides, solid vintage-toned Carpathian spruce soundboard, ebony head veneer, and a classic Martin-style pyramid bridge. Completing the package is the new Fishman ‘Aura Pro’ Sound Imaging system, which provides studio quality tone during live performances.

MSRP $3499

Redland Music Products AxeMat

Redland Music Products AxeMat

Redland Music Products introduces the AxeMat, a line of premium guitar repair mats. Featuring high-resolution photographic images of popular guitar models, these make the perfect work surface for guitar maintenance and repair. The images are permanently dyed into the fabric, and will never crack, fade, or wash off. The mats are backed by high-density urethane to cushion and protect instruments and the work surface underneath. The AxeMats measure 19” x 29” and can accommodate any size guitar.

MSRP $39.99

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