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Zachary Fjestad

Zachary R. Fjestad is a freelance writer who specializes in guitars and amplifiers including the history behind them and their current value. Fjestad has been evaluating and appraising guitars for over 20 years. For more information, email Zachary at



Trash or Treasure: Peavey Blues Classic

April 28, 2019
This all-tube 15" combo from the mid-’90s was produced for just a couple years, but helped develop an amp series that lives on.
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Trash or Treasure: G&L HG-2

March 5, 2019
Swap my motorcycle for your guitar? Sure!
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Trash or Treasure: Framus Strato Super

January 13, 2019
They may not command the price or popularity of some other ’60s vintage guitars, but these solidbodies from Germany have a solid footing in guitar history.
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Trash or Treasure: Eko Sparkle Top

November 4, 2018
Has a reader’s investment in a funky, vintage Italian solidbody been profitable, or will it need to cook longer?
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Trash or Treasure: Danelectro Centurion

September 2, 2018
A groovy dorm-room amp from the early ’60s finds its way back to its owner—ready for rock, and a little repair.
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Trash or Treasure: Epiphone PR7E

July 15, 2018
A reader’s curious preschooler finds an old guitar in a spare room. The reader smartly inquiries about its value before handing it over to a 4-year-old.
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Trash or Treasure: Charvel Doubleneck Surfcaster

May 14, 2018
A treasure designation is an easy call for this rare, doubleneck version of Charvel’s nod to surf-music culture and detour from hot-rodded metal machinery.
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Trash or Treasure: Les Paul’s Artisan

March 5, 2018
Is there greater value associated with a vintage Les Paul that was previously owned by Les Paul? Um….
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Trash or Treasure: Johnson Marquis JM120 Stereo

December 15, 2017
An innovative but short-lived modeling amp that brought tube tone to guitarists leery of digital circuitry.
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Trash or Treasure: Gibson B-25N

November 5, 2017
A small-body Gibson acoustic from the late ’60s appears to have weathered the decades better than many others in its model line.
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Trash or Treasure

Trash or Treasure: Kingston S-style Model

September 5, 2017
Twenty bucks at a garage sale lands a reader a guitar/amp/accessories setup, but is it an amazing deal or $20 too much?
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Trash or Treasure: Is Restoring a Non-Stock ’61 SG Special Worth $4,000?

July 6, 2017
When a '61 doesn’t have a whole lot of ’61 left, a tough decision is required.
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Trash or Treasure: Crate CR-1

May 4, 2017
One look at the first amp offering from Crate is all it takes to grasp the literal flavor behind the company’s name.
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Trash or Treasure: Ibanez Studio Series ST 50

March 2, 2017
A late-1970s entry-level axe picked up for $200 undergoes a complete makeover. Is it now a treasure?
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Trash or Treasure: Vox Rio Grande V278

January 3, 2017
Vox acoustic guitars are rare birds, but how high do they fly in today’s market?
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Trash or Treasure: Sunn Solos II

November 21, 2016
Twenty bucks for a 1970s Sunn combo in excellent condition makes for a Saturday well spent!
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Trash or Treasure: Fender Tex-Mex Stratocaster

September 30, 2016
Identifying a 1990s MIM Strat through the process of elimination.
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Aug16-Trash or Treasure-FEAT

Trash or Treasure: Epiphone EA-28RVT Pathfinder

July 18, 2016
A classic 15-watt Epi combo that needs a tune-up might soon be ready for action again.
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Jun16-Trash or Treasure-FEAT

Trash or Treasure: Westone Corsair GT

May 27, 2016
A guitar found buried in a friend’s garage gets cleaned up for a second life.
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Trash or Treasure: A Pre-Fender Fender

March 24, 2016
A visit to a yard sale and $50 yield a rare amp with some very cool history behind it.
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