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Ben Fargen Launches Sonic Edge With J&J Overdrive

Boutique amp designer Ben Fargen launches Sonic Edge effects with the vintage-flavored J&J Overdrive

Sacramento, CA (March 19, 2010) -- Sonic Edge, a newly launched guitar and bass effects company founded by Ben Fargen, founder and CEO of Fargen Amplification, has announced the release of their first pedal: the J&J overdrive.

“Over the years, I have helped guitarists of all levels to achieve their desired tone in terms of their amplifiers," said Fargen. "I formed Sonic Edge to focus my expertise and experience to help musicians achieve the same level of tone in terms of their effects.” Sonic Edge uses Fargen’s unique designs coupled with his custom components to create reference-quality tone at an affordable price.

The J&J Overdrive
The J&J is the company’s inaugural product, a vintage overdrive pedal that Fargen says has “the authority of a vintage micro amp, the heart and soul of a tube screamer and the touch responsiveness of a Class A tube amp.” A handful of top professional guitarists helped to test the J&J pedal. “The J&J is a versatile pedal that covers a broad range of sound, and we felt this pedal would be a good introduction of Sonic Edge to guitarists of all levels and in most genres of music,” explains Fargen. The company chose the J&J as its flagship product because it is adaptable to many styles of music, from late '60s classic rock to modern genres.

Fargen's Demo of the J&J:

Sonic Edge is now taking preorders with an expected delivery in June. The company will distribute the product directly to consumers, as well as through dealers.

Fargen iis hard at work designing the company's next pedal, which will be prototyped at this summer’s NAMM in June in Nashville, TN. ”Our plan is to release at least one new pedal or effect each quarter, so that we eventually support all types of guitarists,” he added.  The company has developed nine additional product designs, with many more in the works.

Ben Fargen founded Fargen Amplification in 1998, which has become a thriving boutique company that ships custom-built amplifiers to discerning players on four continents. Ben has developed a reputation as one of the top engineers and visionaries in the amplifier space. He also provides world tour and studio amp support to many of the world’s most celebrated guitarists including Joe Satriani and Steve Vai, and  designed Steve’s Legacy II amplifier that was launched by Carvin in January 2009.

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