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Black Cat Pedals Relaunched

Black Cat Pedals are back, and better than ever!

Foxon, CT (August 24, 2009) -- Black Cat Pedals was founded in the heart of Texas by Fred Bonte in 1993, at the dawn of the boutique pedal era. The original Black Cat company ceased production in late 2007 and has since been restructured from the ground up to make way for a newly revamped line of Black Cat Pedals.

Using the same great designs, the next generation of Black Cat Pedals has received a super-boutique makeover, featuring high-quality components and PCBs, top-notch build quality with consistent production, eye-catching graphics and deluxe packaging. Not everything has changed, however - Black Cat Pedals are still individually hand-wired and made in the USA.

Black Cat will be relaunching its entire line of products, starting with the OD-1 (a.k.a. Freddie Fuzz), OD-Fuzz, Super Fuzz, and Bass Octave Fuzz.

Durable powder-coat "Holographic Sparkle" finish
Professional glass epoxy double-sided PCBs
3PDT True Bypass switch and Switchcraft jacks
Use 2.1mm Boss style power jack, or internal 9V battery
Each pedal is signed and dated with serial number
Hand-wired, Boutique quality, Made in USA

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