Blackstar''s first artist signature product is a metal-voiced, dual-channel valve distortion.

Northampton, UK (May 28, 2010) -- Blackstar has announced the launch of their first artist signature product. Developed with Gus G. (Ozzy Osbourne, Firewind), the HT-Blackfire is a two channel, valve-driven, metal distortion pedal.

Gus approached the Blackstar R&D team with the aim of producing the ultimate heavy metal valve distortion pedal. After many months of listening tests, the HT-Blackfire was born. The HT-Blackfire is a dual channel valve distortion pedal. The channels are named after the fan-favorite Firewind track, "The Fire And The Fury." The Fire channel delivers a high-gain classic distortion, while the Fury channel takes you to screaming lead and beyond. Other features include an ECC83 valve, patent-applied-for ISF control, independent Gain and Volume controls for each channel and an industry-standard speaker emulated out.

The HT-Blackfire features a black finish, orange and red LEDs, black grille and Blackstar-designed Gus G. logo. Limited to just 1,000 pieces worldwide, each pedal includes a certificate of authenticity signed by Gus G. and an exclusive Gus trading card. Price: TBA

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