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Boss Introduces ST-2 Power Stack Pedal

Boss Introduces ST-2 Power Stack Pedal

The ST-2 emulates the sound and feel of a cranked stack tube amp

Los Angeles, CA (September 1, 2010) -- BOSS U.S. is proud to announce the addition of the ST-2 Power Stack to its industry-leading compact pedal lineup. The ST-2 is a unique type of BOSS distortion pedal, one that gives guitarists both the sound and feel of playing through a large, cranked-up, stack-style tube amplifier. This is accomplished through BOSS’ years of meticulous research in amp modeling, and represents a bold step forward in stompbox design.

As with all BOSS compact pedals, the ST-2 is very easy to use and built to last. The ST-2’s key control is the SOUND knob—with this single knob, players can dial in three distinct stack tones, from fat crunch to punchy drive to ultra-high gain distortion, and every color in between. BASS and TREBLE knobs let the user add sweetening detail, while LEVEL controls the effect’s overall volume.

The ST-2 has an extremely versatile range of distortion tones and authentic stack-amp feel, and is ideal for guitarists of all playing styles, from classic rock and blues to raging metal. It’s perfect for players looking for a wide range of distortion sounds from a single stompbox, and for combo-amp and multi-effects users that want to add some real tube-stack mojo to their rig.

The ST-2 will be available in September with an MSRP of $162.00.

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