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BR Custom Pedalboard Covers Launches

These new pedalboard covers made of sturdy fabric are designed to protect pedals and pedalboards from moisture, dust, and dirt when not in use.

Springfield, MO (April 30, 2010) -- BR Custom Pedalboard Covers launched this spring with a solution for protecting pedals without unplugging and moving your pedalboard. BR Custom's Pedalboard Covers are designed to bridge the gap between an open pedalboard and cases aimed more at transporting than onstage protection. The covers are custom made to fit your pedalboard, by hand in the USA.

Robert Anders, founder of BR Custom, explained the thinking behind the covers, "The problem with hard and soft cases is they are designed for transporting pedals from one place to another. At home or in the studio, most people don't unplug and lift their pedalboard into a case every night. This leaves their prized pedal collection exposed to dust and moisture, which over time can lead to oxidation on potentiometers, unwanted noise and reduced performance from the effects."

BR Custom Pedalboard Covers are available in custom colors and are priced between $30 and $50 for common pedalboard sizes.

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