Brazen introduces the Fantasy Elite FR and Fantasy Carnival P90

Covina, CA (January 1, 2009) -- Brazen Guitars has recently introduced two new models to their Fantasy line: the Fantasy Elite FR and the Fantasy Carnival P90.

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Fantasy Elite FR
The Elite Line features a mahogany body capped with a 5/8" AAAA maple cap and Brazen's distinctive styling. Brazen has added a twist to make this Fantasy a rocking machine. A Floyd Rose whammy allows for extreme riffing while the satin finished maple neck gives that fast, smooth platform for shredding. Jumbo frets in a flame maple fret board round out the package. Brazen Guitars stated that whether it's light vibrato, deep dives, or screeching squeals, the Elite FR will rock your world.

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Fantasy Carnival P90
The Fantasy Carnival P90 is another state of the art addition model, which was recently developed for Davey Johnstone (Elton John band lead guitarist). Whether you are looking for classic gritty tones or smooth, shimmering cleans, the Seymour Duncan P-90 pickups produce versatile tones. According to Brazen Guitars, along with Carnival's set Brazilian Patagonian rosewood neck, this new guitar provides smooth bass-end and powerful mid-range tone, while the set neck gives substantial sustain.

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