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BreezSong Announces JamHub Silent Rehearsal Device

JamHub lets bands jam anywhere, anytime

Boston, MA (July 7, 2009) -- BreezSong introduces the JamHub, an electronic device allowing bands to silently rehearse. 

The JamHub GreenRoom
BreezSong says the JamHub is the solution to many challenges bands face, including paying for expensive practice spaces and annoying volume limitations. The JamHub makes rehearsal time quiet and can easily interconnect with various instruments and microphones via its SoleMix controls--each band member has the ability to create their own clear and balanced mix.

Three models will be available this August. The JamHub Bedroom is designed for musicians ona budget and it includes inputs for five players. The JamHub GreenRoom is for serious musicians with inputs for seven. The GreenRoom also includes one SoleMix remote and a USB audiot out for digital recording. The third model, the JamHub TourBus, has all the capabilities of the GreenRoom but with two SoleMix remotes and built-in recorder.

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