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Carter-Poulsen Guitars Launches With Three Models: G-Model, T-Model & J-Model

Willie Carter and Eric Poulsen team up for a new line of acoustics.

Santa Cruz, CA (February 5, 2010) -- Carter/Poulsen Guitars announced the debut of their new generation models of acoustic guitars by exhibitors at the National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) show at the Anaheim Convention Center January, 14-17, 2010.

By combining the best of traditional building techniques/designs and using modern technology to enhance the overall performance/quality of their instruments, the company’s founders Willie Carter and Eric Poulsen, have been able to take their shared passion for steel string acoustic guitars to create and build next-generation professional instruments with a human connection.

“Our tag line, Modern/Classic speaks to our approach. The use of cutting edge technology is typically reserved for the large production shops, and classic techniques are often reserved for very small production shops.” said Carter, “One of our goals was to mate the two, and create an instrument that has the advantages of modern manufacturing, with the characteristics that attract players to vintage instruments. It’s truly the best of both worlds.”

Eric Poulsen and Willie Carter are not only the faces of the business, but also the actual builders whose collaboration has produced models that have already been embraced by professional touring musicians Richard Julian (Norah Jones and the Little Willies), Justin Young and Lance Konnert, guitarists for Colbie Callait.

Here's what Eric and Willie had to say about the new models:
The Carter/Poulsen g-model was inspired by the great vintage 00 14-fret guitars. The g-model is not a copy but a creation of the Carter/Poulsen Guitars’ collaboration. We designed the g-model from the ground up to be a modern musical instrument with a nod to the classic steel string guitars of the past.


The Carter/Poulsen t-Model has the benefit of close to ten years of refinement. We designed the t-Model to combine the comfort and balance associated with small bodied guitars with the richness and volume expected of larger instruments. This modern/classic instrument is influenced by guitars of the past and executed with an eye towards the future.

The Carter/Poulsen j-model is the largest bodied instrument in our line and a contemporary synthesis of several proven traditional designs. It occupies a unique position with a distinct voice and character, combined with balance and comfort. The j-model is an expression of the future of modern steel string guitars planted in classic tradition.

Carter/Poulsen Guitars was founded in 2009 in Santa Cruz, CA, by Willie Carter and Eric Poulsen. Their partnership embodies a shared passion for the steel string acoustic guitar and the result is a culmination of many years of experience in various aspects of the music industry, guitar building and fine woodworking. With a client/ player focused approach, their goal is to merge proven traditions with promising innovations in design and construction, a process that is both modern and classic.

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