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Catalinbread Releases Ottava Magus II

Catalinbread Releases Ottava Magus II

Catalinbread adds a Saturation control and refines the original circuit for the Ottava Magus II

Portland, OR (December 20, 2009) -- Catalinbread has announced the release of the Ottava Magus II. "We can never seem to ever leave well enough alone around here," says the company. They describe the pedal as "Everything you loved about the original, and some really cool new refinements that we think discerning players will appreciate."

The Ottava Magus II adds a new Saturation control, which alters the playing feel for a more saturated, spongy feel. It also adds some more gain, giving you, in the words of Catalinbread, "those 'Holy crap - mah amp is fixin' to 'splode' sounds."

Catalinbread has also refined the Intensity control for better control over the useable range of sounds, and altered the original circuit to sound more appealing plugged into a clean amp. Catalinbread says it will have a little more meat, a little less rasp and even more articulate octave up sound.

Says Catalinbread, "Don’t let these changes worry you! We left all the original’s good stuff alone! No glitching out when your signal starts to decay, and you can still use any pickup you wish and play anywhere on the neck you want."

The pedal will be available Monday, December 21. MSRP: $179.

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