CE Distribution Announces SICA Bass Speakers

CE Distribution announces the release of SICA bass speakers, made in the same factory as the well-known Jensen speakers.

Tempe, AZ (March 25, 2009) -- CE Distribution is pleased to announce the release of SICA bass speakers, made in the same factory that produces Jensen speakers, and delivering nothing but pure, rich power. SICA bass speakers are available in three distinct new series: Premium Lite, Standard Lite and Classic.

The speakers are made with care and precision so that each speaker reaches its maximum capacity in tone. Using neodymium magnets and offering 10, 12 and 15 inch aluminum frames these speakers give the player the lightest load and the best bass tone.

The Standard Lite line uses neodymium magnets and steel baskets in 10, 12 and 15 inch diameters. This series is for the player looking to lighten the load while maintaining great sound at a lower cost.

The Classic series offers 12 and 15 inch speakers using a standard ceramic magnet and steel basket, and is great for players looking for the most basic bass speakers.

If you are looking to completely upgrade your tone and/or to lighten your load, SICA bass speakers may be for you.

For more information:
SICA Speakers

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