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Cliffhanger Stack-Mountable Instrument Hanger Released at Musikmesse

Cliffhanger Stack-Mountable Instrument Hanger Released at Musikmesse

The Cliffhanger is an instrument hanger for bass and guitar that mounts in the cabinet side handles of a full stack.

Aarhus, Denmark (March 25, 2010) – Axessory proudly announces the world’s first stack-mountable instrument hanger for bass and guitar. The Cliffhanger allows for safe instrument storage off the stage floor. The Cliffhanger is available now and is set to retail at EUR 25.00 (approx. $33 USD).

Mounted on the speaker cabinet side handle, the Cliffhanger makes safe storage of back up guitars and basses off the stage floor a breeze. With the backup instrument right at hand, the Cliffhanger allows for a swift instrument change while at the same time allowing for extra space on small, compact club stages. It also works wonders in studios and rehearsal rooms.

The Cliffhanger requires no screws nor additional mounting devices; simply just place the Cliffhanger in the side handle of your speaker cabinet and you’re good to go. It fits most standard speaker cabinet side handles and holds all standard guitars and basses. The Cliffhanger is designed for full stacks so one-cabinet players need to elevate the cabinet from the ground for the instrument to fit in.

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