The new picks are available in two different blends, Reso and Nitra, which offer two distinct tones.

D’Addario Accessories

Farmingdale, NY (June 5, 2017) -- D’Addario Accessories is excited to announce an alternative pick innovation to their line of accessories – the Acrylux series.

The new Acrylux guitar picks are available in two different blends, Reso and Nitra, which offer two distinct tones while providing the grip and output that is famous of acrylic picks. The Reso version comes in transparent red, made of pure acrylic for a brighter tone, while the Nitra is black pearl, made from an acrylic and nitrate blend for a warmer tone.

Available in standard and jazz shapes in 3-packs ($15.00 / $9.95 MAP) and 25-pick bulk packs ($90.00) for “per pick” sales. Available July 1.

D’Addario Accessories is excited to launch their new premium woven and leather straps, taking their accessory line of guitar strap quality to the next level.

D’Addario Premium Woven Straps have the perfect balance of elegance and durability. Available in three color options, each strap comes built with brushed die-cast zinc hardware, strong “seat belt” material, and reinforced garment leather ends that will outlast the toughest performances. $61.75 MSRP / $39.95

The D’Addario Reversible Leather Straps give players two strap styles in one. Sold in four color combinations, each strap is 3-ply garment leather with precision accent stitching. Adjustable from 41” – 60”, the straps are $ 109.95 MSRP/ $65.00 MAP

The D’Addario Hybrid Leather Strap combines the strength and quality of a leather strap with the adjustability of a woven strap. Featuring an Eco-Leather top and matching strap end made of repurposed leather, this strap is backed with “Super Suede” (synthetic suede) and a polypropylene woven end with a brushed die- cast zinc adjuster. Adjustable from 44”- 56”, these straps are $49.50 MSRP / $32.95 MAP.

With various materials, styles, and color options, D’Addario Accessories’ new premium straps are perfect for every instrument you own. Available July 1.

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