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Day #3: Electro-Harmonix

Day #3: Electro-Harmonix

Today's Stompboxtober giveaway is coming to you from Electro-Harmonix. Enter below for your shot at an Oceans 11 Reverb!

Electro-Harmonix Oceans 11 Reverb

The EHX Oceans 11 is a compact, affordable pedal packed with advanced functionality and 11 reverb styles ranging from essential to exotic.
-11 different reverb types: HALL, SPRING, PLATE, REVRS, ECHO, TREM, MOD, DYNA, AUTO-INF, SHIM and POLY
-Tails switch. Select whether the reverb fades out naturally or stops immediately when the pedal is switched to bypass
-Easy access to powerful “hidden” parameters thru Secondary Knob Mode
-Able to produce infinite reverb you can play over in most settings
-Power supply included