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December 2010 Letters

What our readers had to say about the November issue of Premier Guitar

The Gargantuan Pedal Issue
Below is a sampling of the kudos we got on Facebook for our mondo-huge, 272-page November “Pedal Issue”—which was officially the biggest single issue of a guitar magazine ever. Thanks for the props, everyone!

“Best damn magazine out there. I had to see a chiropractor after trying to lift the latest issue . . . ” —Kevin Daniel

“Kevin, I agree!!! What a NICE change to pick up a current magazine and actually notice it’s LARGER than before!!! KEEP IT UP!!! You guys are the best.” —Matthew E. Leo

“Barely surviving the pedal reviews. So far there is only one I am positive I cannot live without. Just let me read those reviews a few more times and I will probably cave in to more . . . ” —Bill Tant

“This is the best one ever!!” —Gino Ames

Stompboxtober Love

Many thanks to Premier Guitar and Gig-Fx for this great [Stompboxtober pedal-giveaway] prize. I’ve been onboard with Premier Guitar since the Musician’s Hotline days, and without a doubt consider you folks by far the best in the biz for your enthusiasm, thorough coverage, great reviews and lessons, and everything else you bring to the table. I appreciate that you are good-hearted people that go beyond the glitz and glamour aspects of the music business, and that you show true compassion and respect for your readers. You guys really get it, and we really appreciate how you handle things. I didn’t need to win a Stompboxtober 2010 prize to feel this way, but it certainly doesn’t hurt!

Thanks so much, and keep up the great work!

Gary Frisbie
Beaumont, California

Wow, Gary—talk about being a loyal reader! It’s always nice to see a lucky draw for someone who really deserves it. Of course, we love faithful long-haul fans like you and the new converts. And we’re working our tails off to bring you the gear-freak coverage you’ve come to love and expect, while also adding new stuff to help in all aspects of your playing— including new instructional columns by Senior Editor Andy Ellis (Rhythm & Grooves, p.76) and Associate Editor Jason Shadrick (Beyond Blues, p.74). And we hope you’ve noticed we’re also offering more features on artist from all over the stylistic map, too. And we’re only getting started—so stay tuned!

A Guitarist’s Best Friend
After playing (not that my buddies call it that) guitar for almost four decades and reading every guitar publication I could get my hands on in that time, I felt compelled to write you today with sincere thanks. Between your printed magazine and all of the hard work you put into your online activities, you are indeed, in this man’s opinion, a guitarist’s best friend! You include the latest guitars and amps available, and offer amazing insight to how those instruments were envisioned and created through incredible interviews with their designers. You include something for everyone. From those lucky enough to be acquiring fine additions to their collections, to the kid buying his first amp. You have become a haven for us all. That means a lot to me!

Dave Gonsalves
Susanville, California

Thanks, Dave! In that light, we’ve thought it over and decided we’d like to be thought of as the Labrador Retriever of guitardom— well balanced, friendly, versatile, and adaptable to all sorts of functions. Everything from fetching cozy-toned 6-strings, pedals, amps, and the like for you to read about and listen to by the fire (via sound clips and videos at to rescuing you from the perilous depths of deadly tone. (We know some would rather we were more like a whiskey-barrel-toting St. Bernard, what with the cold weather setting in and all, but we’re a responsible family-mag breed. Well, most of the time.) All cheekiness aside, we have to admit it wouldn’t be nearly as much fun without you inspiring us, keeping us on our toes, and giving us great ideas to hunt down like a hyperactive pointer distracted by every piece of gear that scampers by.

Doh! Speaking of Keeping Us on Our Toes . . .
You incorrectly identified Daniel Lanois’ reverse Firebird [October 2010, p.128].Three pickups and block inlays make it a Firebird VII, not a Firebird V, which has two pickups and crown inlays.

“Gary 7”
via email

Well we’ll be . . . You’re absolutely right, Gary. We regret the error and, in all sincerity, appreciate you setting us straight. Like we were just telling Dave (above), having such astute and passionate readers/viewers keeps us sharp and helps us strive that much harder to bring you quality content, week in and week out, and month to month.


In the November 2010 PG, the Boss PS-6 and Visual Sound GarageTone Axle Grease reviews were incompletely printed. We sincerely apologize for the error. We’ve reprinted the reviews in their entirety this month on p.168 and p.182, respectively. We also regret including the wrong crossword puzzle graphic in Noodling, and for misspelling Tony Arcuri’s name in Guitar of the Month.