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DR Strings Announces New K3 Coating and NEON Day-Glow Strings

DR Strings Announces New K3 Coating and NEON Day-Glow Strings

The K3 coating is up to nine times stronger than previous DR coatings, while the NEON strings are the first ever "day glow" color coated strings

Emerson, NJ (September 23, 2010) -- DR Strings has announced two new additions to their lineup of coated strings: K3 patent-pending coating and Neon day-glow strings.

DR Strings calls K3 a new step forward in guitar string coating technology. The patent-pending K3 Technology coating is now available on all DR coated guitar and bass strings. A new K3 guitar pick logo has been added to the packaging.

Says DR, "K3 is the first coating to make NO apologies, and NO excuses. Clarity, musicality and strength are all hallmarks of the new K3 coating."

According to the company, DR’s new K3 coating has been proven to last at least nine times longer (by documented factory tests) than previous DR coatings. The new, durable K3 coating will not strip away, peel or come off under any playing condition DR put it thorough in numerous, stressful factory tests.

DR’s K3 coating was designed to complement the musicality of a guitar string. In blind tests, players said DR’s new K3 coated strings sound as good, or better than, uncoated strings.

DR Strings is proud to announce NEON, the first ever "day-glow" color coated guitar and bass strings that are UV and black light active. DR NEON are super bright color coated strings that will sound clear, bright and musical as well as provide unparalleled string performance and longevity.

Super bright in daylight and under stage lighting, DR’s NEON strings are also 100% black light active so they glow strongly under UV lighting. Featuring DR’s new K3 Technology coating, NEON strings are the second in DR’s SuperStrings series.

NEON Strings are available in HiDef Orange, HiDef Pink, HiDef Yellow, and HiDef Green in standard electric guitar 9-42, 10-46 and 11-50 sets. Bass strings in same colors in medium 4 string gauge (45-105) and 5 string gauge (45-125) will also be available.

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