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DR Strings Introduces Dragon Skin+ Coated Strings

DR Strings Introduces Dragon Skin+ Coated Strings

DR Handmade Strings, Inc. introduces Dragon Skin+ coated strings with Accurate Core Technology for enhanced tone, comfort, and longevity.

DR Handmade Strings, Inc. has introduced their new Dragon Skin+ line of coated Acoustic, Electric, Bass, Multi-Scale Bass, and Mandolin strings. These premium strings are designed to bring out more from your guitar using DR’s patented Accurate Core Technology and patented K3 Coating. The new Dragon Skin+ line promises to deliver excellent tone, comfortable feel, and great longevity.

Since DR finds that tone starts at the core wire, DR has painstakingly developed the core with patented Accurate Core Technology. This technology primes the core wire to be pristine and creates locking grooves on the core to cradle the wrap wire in place. The unique construction allows the string to vibrate to its full potential with better projection, improved tuning stability, and reduced string breakage. The wrap wire is coated before being wound around the core wire. DR takes these significant extra steps and the additional time to upgrade each component individually so the strings can ring out naturally as opposed to other coating techniques that coat strings after being wound up. In addition, DR coats ALL 6 strings, including the plains. Superior sound, fine-tuned tension for optimal comfort and playability, and longer life.

Artists are already enthused about DR’s new line. “Dragon Skin+ are the best strings I’ve ever tried and will change the way I play music,” says Henrik Linder, Bassist for Dirty Loops. “These 2 are next level, I never thought I would like coated strings, but these are silky, easy to play, and lasted 9 shows! DR inspires me - the musician,” says Jared James Nichols.

Dragon Skin+ is available at dealers worldwide. Street pricing begins at $14.99 for six-string electric guitar sets, $19.99 for six-string acoustic sets, and $34.99 for four-string bass sets.

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