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Tools for the Task: Drop-Tune Strings

Ten sets optimized to keep the tension up and the floppy down.

If you play (or want to play) heavy-handed, hard, and low, your strings need to be able to handle the task. Here are 10 of the myriad sets available for getting your drop tuning on.


EXL148 [.012.060]
These hybrid gauges are optimized for C tuning or players who prefer a heavier string, and are roundwound with nickel-plated steel for bright tone.
$5 street  


DDT-11 [.011.054]
Designed over a two-year build-and-test period, these strings use the company’s Accurate Core Technology to be able to drop with confidence and accuracy.
$8 street  


Mammoth Slinky [.012.062]
On this set, the wound strings are made from nickel-plated steel wire wrapped around tin-plated hex-shaped steel-core wire, while the plain strings are tin-plated, high-carbon steel.
$7 street  


Drop Tune Medium [.011.058]
Recommended for drop C, but applicable for lower tunings as well, these strings feature nickel-alloy wrap wire around high-carbon steel hex-core wire.
$12 street  


2500 Signature Series [.013.056]
Featuring nickel-plated steel that’s slowly handwound over a hex core, the outer string wrap maintains 100-percent contact with the core for maximum sustain and full sound.
$6 street


Heavy Series Drop 60 [.012.060]
These strings feature EMP (enhanced molecular protection), a unique micro-thin coating that protects this specially made drop-tune set against corrosion for longer life.
$14 street  


Heavy Core [.010.060]
These drop-tuning optimized strings use carefully selected core wire and proprietary wrap ratios to allow aggressive pick attack when playing below standard.
$7 street  


Thick Core Boomers [.011.056]
The thicker core of these strings works well for both standard and drop tuning, and the beefier core is said to provide greater sustain, a more focused low end, and fatter tone.
$5 street  


11-56 Drop Tuning [.011.056]
These nickel-plated strings were designed for drop tuning, but also a well-balanced tonal response with sparkling highs, clear mids, and defined bass.
$7 street


Dark Zone DZ10 [.010.060]
Designed to deliver a bright and heavy tone, and provide a long lifespan, the wide gauge range of this set is intended to provide excellent frequency response for drop tuning.
$10 street