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The new strings aim to offer increased volume, sustain, and longevity.

Los Angeles, CA (October 18, 2018) -- Treated strings just got better! Cleartone Strings has launched the newest formulation of their coated guitar strings, offering increased volume, sustain and longevity.

Cleartone’s first generation turned the coated string industry upside down when they were initially released in 2008. Now, with 10 years of added research and experience, they are back with a more refined winding and treatment process and an updated look to bring you even more of what you love!

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The newest additions are .010–.047 and .013–.056.

North Hollywood, CA February 23, 2018) -- Cleartone Strings are no strangers to turning the guitar string market upside down! The 2017 NAMM show saw the release of the Cleartone EQs, the world’s first set of acoustic guitar strings to feature HMA (Hybrid Metal Acoustic) technology. Due to overwhelming demand they have now been released in two brand new gauges: .010-.047 and .013-.056. Designed to mimic a "perfect EQ setting," Cleartone EQs take the guesswork out of 80/20 vs. Phosphor Bronze, and squeezes every last bit of tone out of your guitar's natural sound. Cleartone Strings chose 99% Copper on the low E for its extended bass response and high frequency roll off. Phosphor Bronze is used on the A & D because of its warm, well balanced characteristics and finally an 80/20 on the G for its accentuated treble and ability to cut through the mix. Put together, Cleartone EQs give you the best of both 80/20 and Phosphor Bronze by highlighting your guitar's natural frequency response. Available immediately, try a set today!

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